Don Fried — Playwright & Author

Senior Moments

Senior Moments is five funny, touching and slightly naughty plays about people in their golden years.


“The Code”:  Rose and Charlie, two senior citizens, meet at a cafe on a blind date set up over the Internet.  Each of them thinks they’re meeting someone else entirely!

“The Gamblers”:  Colonel William and Angie are seniors who meet in a casino.  Colonel William is strongly opposed to gambling or taking risks of any kind — he’s in the casino for the exercise.  As his relationship develops with Angie, including an unexpected turn, he’s forced to change the habit of a lifetime.

“First Love”:  When they were in their twenties, Rose and Oscar had an unconsummated romance.  They are now in their 80s and haven’t seen each other for 60 years.  Rose arranges to meet Oscar and plans to seduce him, but it seems as though a few things have changed in six decades.

“On the RAC(K)”: Five people attend a meeting of the Residents Advisory Committee (RAC) at a senior residence.  The conflicts are continual, and nothing ever seems to get accomplished.  Who’s to blame?  The residence’s administration?  The other members of the committee?  Themselves?  Old age?  No one?  Is there any hope that anything will actually get done?

“Growing, Old”:  The sequel to “The Code.”  Rose has another encounter with Charlie, who is again on the prowl for elderly women.  This time Rose is interested in Charlie, but he is reluctant.  Rose insists she has changed.  But has she changed enough?

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