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Phoenix no logo low resPhoenix
is a fictional play and a screenplay, inspired by the  life, death, and rise to fame after death of tragic British singer/songwriter Nick Drake. It was commissioned by Second Skin Theatre of London, England.  The play premiered at the Camino Real Playhouse, in San Juan Capistrano, California, in May, 2013, and was produced in a fringe theater in London’s West End, in February, 2015.

Alan Phoenix is a reclusive English rock singer-songwriter who has tremendous potential and ambition, but who can’t/won’t do what is required to be a success in the music world.  He dies virtually unknown in his 20’s in the early 1970s, but over the next 35 years his music becomes increasingly well known, and he becomes a cult hero, albeit one about whom little is actually known.

Chloé, a writer who is an avid Alan Phoenix fan, is doing research on his life for a book.  Through a series of flashbacks as she interviews the people who knew him, she discovers that they all have widely varying memories of Alan, and even of events in his life at which they were all present.

Throughout the play, Alan speaks only to his phantom mentor, the legendary Delta Blues singer Robert Johnson, who died 15 years before Alan was born.  But to the other characters, what he says always manages to make sense and satisfy their needs for a cultural icon.

Phoenix is a fictional work inspired by the life, death, and rise to fame after death of tragic British singer/songwriter Nick Drake.


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