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Melissa Koltes of Rebecca’s Reads posted a review this week of David’s and my bo0k, Ups & Downs.  Here’s an extract from what she had to day.

“I do not typically laugh out loud as I am reading. But this book made me LOL more times than I can count. … The authors do a fantastic job of giving a visual account of the uniqueness of the towns-people, the villages, the countries and the cultures. The beauty of the landscape, the difficulty of the journey and the individual experiences that each narrate is awe inspiring, incredibly amusing, and greatly entertaining.”

Read the entire Rebecca’s Reads review of Ups & Downs here.

05-cow1We’ve added a new excerpt from Ups & Downs to the book’s website Excerpts page: Bovine Tinnitus.  Sleeping in Farmer Fritz’s Patty Patch proves to be a bit of a challenge for me, and after a restless night I muse on Swiss footpath navigation, cowbells, and the tribulations of making and breaking camp.

David and Angela and I spend the next day walking to the ghost town of Urnerboden, where we sleep in a barn to escape the pouring rain.

We’ll post the next update, The Exorcism, in a few days, letting you have David’s take on  just how creepy this barn actually was.