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10106 Pond View Circle
Austin, TX 78753

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Dear Don,

I got your information from my good friend, your niece Michal. I was at her wedding last month! She told me that you are a playwright and that I should be in touch with you because I have conceptualized several musicals and have written a lot of the songs for the shows as well. I’ve provided my website for you to check out some of my musical work. I wrote and performed all of the songs on my site on a very basic computer program, so I apologize for the poor sound quality. I don’t have much interest in writing the books for my show ideas, so I’m always interested in meeting people with whom I can share and brainstorm. Have you ever considered doing a musical? Feel free to contact me if you want to chat further.


Staci Rosen

Hi Don,
I find you by way of PJ McIlvaine and Jenna Avery (screenwriters both). I’m working with Jenna on a screenplay adaptation of my book right now and am looking for someone to create a film poster for us. We are looking first for a Kickstarter poster and then perhaps a final poster for the finished film.
I’d love to know if you are designing posters at the moment and to see more of your work.
Thanks so much.


I’m a playwright and screenwriter, not a graphic designer. However, I work with a fantastic, reasonably-priced designer, who has done posters for most of my plays and screenplays.

His name is Darren Lacey, I’ll tell him to expect your inquiry.

Regards, Don

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