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First Review of NYC Production of “Blood Privilege”

Posted on: February 16, 2013

Blood Privilege 1The first review is out for the premiere production of my play “Blood Privilege” in New York City.  Here are some of the lovely things the reviewer said.

“Don Fried’s new play Blood Privilege is a feminist powerhouse; the Countess Elizabeth Bathory could be the Hedda Gabler of 16th Century Hungary, with equally tragic outcomes.”

“The Richmond Shepard Theatre production is a showcase for lead actress Jessie Komitor, who handles her role as the doomed Countess with deft skill. She commands the stage in each scene in which she appears .”

“Andrew Rothkin, who plays both her tyrannical husband of convenience, Ferenc Nadasdy and her beautician-physician Pataky made such vastly different choices for each character I had to check my program to make sure I was watching the same man.”

Blood Privilege 2“It must be said that Blood Privilege is very smart and very funny. Mr. Fried writes with a dry wit that had me laughing in my seat.”

“If you can catch Blood Privilege for its remaining run through February 24th, I highly recommend it. I certainly hope his British audiences in their upcoming London engagement will appreciate this show as much as I did.”

Not bad, huh?

Click here to view the trailer


Blood Privilege Trailer from RoseGoldCreative on Vimeo.

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A well-deserved review for a wonderful production.

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