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“Bodice Ripper” to Premiere at Coal Creek Theater of Louisville (Colorado)

Posted on: November 13, 2012

My play Bodice Ripper will premiere at Coal Creek Theater of Louisville in their fall (October/November) 2013 slot.

Bodice Ripper is about a middle-aged writer of macho detective novels whose career has taken a turn for the worse.  In desperation, he decides to write a romance novel, but he’s comically unqualified for it, and his two long-time fictional characters are taking on minds of their own.  Bodice Ripper is about the rules. What happens when the rules change, or when what you thought you knew turns out to have been wrong all along?

The play received an Addison Grant from the Boulder County (Colorado) Arts Alliance for a staged public reading at the Theater Company of Lafayette (Colorado) in April, 2011.

You may recall that Coal Creek Theater premiered my play Shakespeare Incorporated simultaneously with Second Skin Theatre of London in March, 2010.   Also, Coal Creek Theater awarded first prize to my short play, “The Code” at its Front Range Playwrights Showcase in 2009.  “The Code” turned into the first of the 5 short plays in Senior Moments, my most produced play, which I’ve now adapted as a movie screenplay.

And another of my short plays, “L*** Man” was a finalist at the 2012 Front Range Playwrights Showcase.  So I’ve got a history with these guys.  It’s great to have friends.

4 Responses to "“Bodice Ripper” to Premiere at Coal Creek Theater of Louisville (Colorado)"

Thank you for talking to my Theatre class today. You really offered us great insight and inspiration. (And you had to wake up soooo early!)
For consideration to produce, I would like to look at Shakespeare Inc, Present Future, and Phoenix. I will pay for perusal copies if need be.
Thanks again!

Rene, I really enjoyed it. Thank you for inviting me. I’ve emailed you the scripts.

Regards, Don

Mr. Fried,
Your play Bodice Ripper is coming up for auditions at the Camino Real Theater at the end of Jan. 2016. I can not find a copy for sale anywhere. Can you tell me where I can get one or can I get one from you. I’ll send a check.

The play isn’t published yet. I’ll email you a pdf of the script. I hope you like it, and I look forward to seeing you at the audition.
Regards, Don

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