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Bovine Tinnitus

Posted on: January 26, 2009

05-cow1We’ve added a new excerpt from Ups & Downs to the book’s website Excerpts page: Bovine Tinnitus.  Sleeping in Farmer Fritz’s Patty Patch proves to be a bit of a challenge for me, and after a restless night I muse on Swiss footpath navigation, cowbells, and the tribulations of making and breaking camp.

David and Angela and I spend the next day walking to the ghost town of Urnerboden, where we sleep in a barn to escape the pouring rain.

We’ll post the next update, The Exorcism, in a few days, letting you have David’s take on  just how creepy this barn actually was.

1 Response to "Bovine Tinnitus"

I was wondering what happened to you.. was gonna send you a poke… reading the book and enjoying.. very funny stuff. :)

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