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Article on my Postville play in “Des Moines Register”

Posted on: January 3, 2009

des-moines-register-logoAn article on my Postville play was published this morning in the Des Moines Register.  Click HERE to read the article.  And In case you haven’t taken a look at my blog about the play, see “They’re Hijacking My Play.”

Some people have objected in online comments to the Register article that all the press coverage of the Postville raids mentions the fact that the owners and managers of the plant are Jewish.  The comments point out that when other companies have problems, the religion of their managers is not mentioned.

That was a big concern of mine when I decided to write the play.  Friends and family all warned me that I wasn’t going to be able to write  a play about the events in Postville without it appearing to be anti-Semitic.  I assured them that as a playwright writing a fictionalized account, I’d have the freedom to write the play to make exactly the opposite point.  In catastrophic situations there will often be people looking for villains, but in many cases the accusations are unfounded.

The issues I deal with in the play revolve around the groups being different and how they deal with that.  The conflict and action of the play would be similar whether the groups were Jewish, Christian, Latino, or Martian.  The fact that one of the groups was Hasidic Jews simply provided an opportunity to examine the issues in extreme and often humorous situations.

Whether I succeed in the task I’ve set out for myself remains to be seen.

1 Response to "Article on my Postville play in “Des Moines Register”"

Listen… every comedian in the fricken world tells jokes about his own “people”. As long as they are your people, its considered allowed. You have your “Jew” card last time I checked…. go for it. As for those people who have a problem with it…. they need to get a life and a sense of humor.

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